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Shocker! Shocker! by Lungas



Branding and package design by Umzobo Designs Task Team. When trying to design the look and feel for Shocker's premium lager, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to best represent both a great tasting product and appeal to the average folk (those who are all too familiar with the beverage industry already). We first came up with more than 50 different ideas for the brand and ultimately circled back to one of our first ideas. It’s simple and clean and people instantly get the vava voom!

We then had to figure out how to use their logo on a beer label. Using just the "Shocker" logo on the can looked too much like an energy drink and that was exactly what we were looking for as the beer also gives you energy to avoid hangover. We went through several versions using different beer imagery such as beer cases with wheels but the problem was we didn’t want people to think about drinking and driving(always drink responsibly)! We love the idea of our client's beer being new in the market bringing in a whole vibrant energy. Something the average player can enjoy of course after work and be energetic the day after or recounting stories on the patio.

Having various colours on our cans was the perfect way to stand out on the shelf. The aim is not to get drunk, but to have energy even when others who drank different beer brands are having heavy heads the following morning.

Beer has never been so easy to swallow, it shocks! Better hit another!

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